Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Pastoral Search Committees,

We will be embarking on a new adventurous initiative beginning tomorrow. I believe we will experience God in a special way both personally and corporately as a church.

“Fasting and Prayer are not necessarily done together. But they usually have more weight when done together to honor our Heavenly father. Prayer is the open communication between us and God. On the other hand fasting is defined as going without food to focus on prayer and fellowship with the Lord . Some things only come through prayer and fasting.”

What type of Fast will we use?

“Partial Fast” – once a week beginning June 22. This can be 4 weeks or extended until the end of July.

Dates: June 22, 29, July 6, 13.

Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm or Sunrise to Sunset. Individuals may choose to fast one or two meals. Stay with juice or water. 

If you are married, you may invite your spouse to join you. Nancy has volunteered to be a partner in our fasting and prayer periods.

It is our desire that God will grant us wisdom and discernment as we seek pastors for our congregations.

Attached is a prayer guide to use through the week. I believe our first appeal to God is for His forgiveness. So, we repent of our sins. To call a new pastor requires us to repent for whatever ways we might have contributed to the pain of those who left GCAC. We bear responsibilities. So we humble ourselves before God. We also pray for a spirit of reconciliation.

in Christ,

Pastor David Wong

June 22, 2020 Fasting and Prayer

Prayer of Repentance

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for not having a humble heart, walking in pride, having haughty spirits, and attitudes, thinking because we are in leadership we don’t have to repent. Father we repent for not walking in a spirit of repentance daily and for not discipling others to do the same.

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for engaging in friendly fire, attacking others in the Body of Christ, shooting. our own wounded because we may not agree with that person. We repent for our arrogance, murdering others with our words when your word says “thou shall not murder”. Father in the name of Jesus we repent for having a religious, legalistic, and critical spirits, creating chaos, aiding the Kingdom of darkness, and committing spiritual treason by dividing the brethren. Father in the name of Jesus we repent for not operating in a spirit of unity; love, mercy, and grace, allowing our love to grow cold, and not showing the same love, mercy, and grace, that you have shown us. Father we ask that you would give us the strength, the maturity, and the discernment to push away everything that is separating us from you, from one another, and from operating as the one true people you have chosen us to be.

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for having an intellectual knowledge of you, but truly not knowing your ways. Father forgive us for the spiritual arrogance this has created, operating out of our intellect, versus out of your spirit, honoring you with our lips but our hearts are far from you. 

Father in the name of Jesus, we repent for not discipling people, and the next generation. Father in the name of Jesus as your people we repent for not being the spiritual and moral compass that you have called us to be. Father we repent for being more concerned about the 4 walls of our churches, versus the congregations, and the lost. 

Father I now ask that the spirit of the fear of the lord would come over your people now, and that it would bring your people to an everlasting fear and awe of you. 

In the Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.