Church Facilities Use Policy

Statement of Purpose:

Events sponsored by the Gaithersburg Chinese Alliance Church (hereinafter “GCAC”) have first priority for use of the GCAC facilities. The following policy establishes the basic guidelines for using the GCAC facilities.

Groups or Persons Eligible to Use Facilities:

  1. When not in use by GCAC, facilities may be available for use for Christian activities or activities that are not contrary to GCAC mission and bylaws. An application shall be submitted to the GCAC office at least four weeks in advance.
  2. GCAC members and regular attendees.
  3. Any other group or person will be accepted on a case-by-case basis upon approval by the Board of Trustees and the Governing Board.

Policies for renting GCAC Facilities:

  1. GCAC facilities will not be available for rental on a regular basis by any group or person unless the Governing Board makes an exception.
  2. All applications are subject to approval by the Governing Board.
  3. Availability is on a first come first served basis and may be subject to change and availability of facility personnel. Additionally, adverse weather conditions (e.g. snow / ice storm) may cause GCAC facilities to shut down. If this happens, the applicant can work out a make-up date with GCAC or request a refund.
  4. Rental fees and application for funeral events are waived if the deceased is a Christian AND has affiliation with GCAC (either a congregant of GCAC or the relative of a GCAC congregant).

General Guidelines for Behavior:

  1. Appropriate decorum is expected of all users. Groups using the building must be governed by the standards accepted by church members.
  2. No alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted in the church or on church property at any time.
  3. All solicitations (e.g., member participation or financial support) from activities other than GCAC ministries is not allowed, unless permission is granted from the Governing Board.
  4. All activities must be in accordance with biblical standards, hence no illegal or immoral activity will be tolerated.

Care of Facilities:

Please obtain a list of instructions from the Facilities Director for the use and care of the facilities. This list should contain what you need to care for and what we will provide.


  1. GCAC is not responsible for any injury or personal losses incurred during your activity.
  2. As the signer of the application for church use, you assume full responsibility for the actions of the group at all times. Please report any damage to the Facilities Director. Satisfactory compensation must be made for any damage caused by your group. If you will not be at the reserved function, please appoint someone to take your place, and make sure that person is aware of all guidelines.
  3. Whenever children are present, a minimum of two responsible adult caregivers must be present. They must ensure that children remain in the reserved areas and are under supervision at all times. The caregivers must remain until all children have been picked up.

All checks should be made payable to the Gaithersburg Chinese Alliance Church. Please indicate on your check, the group, facility, and date that the payment is for.

Use of GCAC equipment, except the sanctuary grand piano for recitals, is included in the rental fee. Check with the Facilities Director for a list of available resources.

If you would like to apply to use church facilities, please contact the BOT Chair ( for an application.